12V Back up battery for Field Flow Compact Pump



The 12VDC Back up battery is designed for use with RVA Synergies water pumps. It is a Lithium Ion pack with a large capacity of 8.8 Ah , which is 2.5 x the capacity of our Field Flow Compact and FOX1 pump units built in batteries . Despite its significantly higher capacity, it is still small enough to sit in the palm of the hand and only weigh s 660grams. The pack is fitted into a tough canvas pouch with belt mount and canvas waist belt. Inside the pouch is a 2.1mm DC socket, into which plugs the supplied 110 240vac charger.


  • Small and lightweight
  • High capacity
  • Pouch and belt mount
  • 110- 240vac switch mod e mains charger

Technical Specifications

Item Specification
Battery pack 12.6V, 8.8Ah Liion with Battery maintenance system for protection against over charging, short circuit, overheating and high current drain. MAX CURRENT OUTPUT 6 AMPS.
Canvas belt bag 120 x 100 x 40mm with belt clip and canvas belt
Connectors OUTPUT: 3 Pin plug for connection to Field Flow Compact and FOX1 pump units.
INPUT: 2.1mm DC power socket for charger
Charger 12.6V 2Ah switch mode mains charger. OUTPUT: 2.1mm DC plug to battery pack
INPUT: UK 3pin plug , 110-240vac.