C-Mount TV/Endoscope Adapters


C-Mount adapters, also known as TV adapters are used to interface an endoscope with a video camera that has a 'C-Mount' thread around the sensor.
The adapters contain glass lenses that are spaced apart at different distances. Put simply the greater the distance between these lenses the larger the endoscope picture will appear on a viewing monitor.
Different endoscope diameters produce different sized images. Generally the smaller the endoscope, the smaller the image. 

The adapters can be used with any rigid endoscope or flexible endoscope with an industry standard eyepiece diameter of 31.75mm

For example a 5mm diameter endoscope might work well with a 21mm adapter, whereas a 1.4mm diameter instrument may require a 35mm adapter to acheive an acceptably sized image.
When true adaptability is required RVA's C-Mount Zoom adapter can prove invaluable. As well as focussing, the adapter has an 18-35mm zoom adjuster.



Technical Specifications

Eyepiece Diameter For 31.75mm eyepieces
Camera Fitting Spring fitting