Video-Endoscope System - Articulated with DVR and light source


The rV360 is a high quality flexible video-scope system suitable for precision controlled inspections inside castings, pipes, ducts, engine parts, aerospace components etc.   A superior-quality CMOS sensor is built into the tip of an armoured flexible probe with 4-way 360° articulation control.   The camera has a 0° forward viewing lens with a 70° field of view. Our R800 light source provides illumination for clear and bright imaging inside voids.  The image is viewed on the 5" DS100 LCD video monitor, which also powers the video-scope.  Still images and video are captured and reviewed on the monitor, while being saved also to an SD memory card. The video monitor is water resistant with a wipe clean operating panel.  The system will run for over 5 hours from fully charged.  The rV360 Video-scope has become the obvious choice when considering a high end video-scope or a traditional fibre-scope system.  An articulated fibre-scope system's components typically add up to the same overall cost as the rV360, yet the rV360 produces a far superior full screen video image. Contact us for more information.


  • Complete video-scope inspection solution
  • High quality 4-way 360° articulation control 
  • Superb image quality
  • Large 5" DVR monitor
  • Tungsten braid armoured flexible probe
  • up to 5 hours use from a single charge 



Technical Specifications