Industrial Endoscope System


Our industrial endoscope systems are complete inspection solutions tailored to your exact requirements.
The endoscope:
The first item to consider is of course the endoscope. Rigid or flexible? Our consultation will ensure that you choose the right size and type of instrument.
The image:
Fewer endoscope users choose to view with the naked eye these-days.  In most circumstances an endoscope monitor is more desirable. As well as less strain on the eye, a viewing screen leaves both hands free to operate the
endoscope.  Additionally to this there may be more than one viewer needed for second opinions etc.
Our endoscope cameras and monitors are matched with the specified endoscope with care so that you get the best achievable image.
Light is very important in endoscopy and it is always better to have as much light at your disposal as possible.  For this reason the majority of our industrial customers use a bench-top mains powered light source because this type usually provides the highest output.
LED or Halogen?  Although LED light has a higher colour temperature than Halogen and is generally considered more favourable to endoscope cameras, the power achieved from LED light sources should be compared with halogen types.  Some of the best LED bench-top light sources are equivalent to a 75W Halogen light source, yet can be considerably more expensive than a 150W halogen.
The next step up in high power light is Xenon or Metal halide.  Whilst providing the ultimate power, Xenon/Metal Halide light sources are expensive and lamp replacement is also very expensive when compared to Halogen.   We also have a new UV light source for curing and crack detection applications.
Jigs & fixtures:
We can help you to create an endoscope system that is suited for repeated inspections by an operative that will minimise
handling times and breakage.
For advice and a possible demonstration, please contact us.


  • Experienced consultation and demonstrations
  • Wide range of compatible components
  • Integrate stands and endoscope holders with your own equipment

Technical Specifications

Diameter Endoscope dependent on application
Screen Size 5.6", 15", Smartphone