High Temperature Endoscope Lenses


Amazing technology, the High Temperature Zoom Pinhole Lenses are designed to withstand temperatures up to 1000° C for up to ten minutes for the purpose of surveying hot or hostile environments, such as furnaces, incinerators, and kilns. Industries that benefit from such lenses include iron and steel manufacturing, environmental monitoring, ceramics and glass making, and energy production.

The V-ZPL-HITEMP lenses are available in two lengths, 90mm or 323mm. Both models are designed for industrial process high temperature environments where observation windows are structurally recessed. The lenses provide the ability to position lens pinhole near or at the surface of an observation window, or through an entrance hole. The length of the lens should be chosen in accordance with the application, as consideration should always be given to the camera that is attached to the high temp lens. Please take careful note of the exposure times below.

For applications that require internal illumination of the high temp area, we can supply industrial glass fibre light probes in many different sizes.  These light probes can be used with any of our industrial light sources and can withstand 200°C consistently, 300° MAX.



  • Impact resistant lenses
  • Extreme durability against gravel impact and scatter sand
  • Operating temp - at 1000°C up to 10 minutes  *Please take note of exposure times given below.
  • Widely compatible CS mount for standard, HD and megapixel IP cameras.
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel housing

Technical Specifications

Diameter 20mm (1.2 / 3.8mm pinhole diameter)
Length 90mm or 323mm
Viewing Direction 0° Forward
Field of View 80° ~ 19°
Camera Fitting C-Mount

Additional Notes

High Temperature Continuous Exposure Times

Up to 10 min operation at 1000°C

* Continuous operation up to 150° C

* Four hours operation up to 200° C

* Two hours operation up to 250° C

   • [Lens only; camera must have cooling capability as needed.]