Eco value range rigid endoscopes / borescopes


At last, a range of more affordable rigid lens endoscopes.  Made with German lenses and fibres, our new Eco range offers outstanding value for money. All sizes have an industry standard 31.75mm eyepiece, adaptable to our cameras, smart-clamp and universal light input connectors for use with any of our light sources. Our RLED345.AA or R800 being great partners for these instruments.

The range is available in diameters of 2.7mm and 4mm, with lengths from 55mm - 302mm

Available directions of view are 0°,30°, 45° and 70°


Sizes in the range:

0°,Ф2.7×55mm. 30°,Ф2.7×55mm. 70°,Ф2.7×55mm 

0°,Ф2.7×107.5mm. 30°,Ф2.7×107.5mm. 70°,Ф2.7×107.5mm

0°,Ф2.7×175mm. 30°,Ф2.7×175mm. 70°,Ф2.7×175mm   

0°,Ф2.7×205mm. 30°,Ф2.7×205mm.

0°,Ф2.7×302mm. 30°,Ф2.7×302mm.

0°,Ф4×45mm. 30°,Ф4×45mm. 70°,Ф4×45mm 

0°,Ф4×175mm. 30°,Ф4×175mm. 70°,Ф4×175mm.45°,Ф4×175mm

 0°,Ф4×302mm. 12°,Ф4×302mm. 30°,Ф4×302mm.70°,Ф4×302mm



  • Unprecedented UK prices for real rigid endoscopes 
  • Industry standard eyepiece and light input connectors
  • large range of lengths and viewing directions
  • Ideal for small bore inspection, locks and safes etc

Technical Specifications