Surveillance Micro Endoscopes


Security and surveillance endoscopes with a high resolution image fibre system.  For endoscope surveillance operations the highest possible resolution is  required so that the best picture quality may be viewed and recorded.  This is difficult in such small diameters.  Just as important to the resolution is light.  A camera can only work properly if there is enough light coming through the endoscope.
These instruments are optimised for use with endoscopic cameras, especially black and white cameras such as our FS3 USB camera or our WAT910HX analogue camera.  The images appear to be inverted when viewed with the naked eye.  This is because adding extra lenses to correct the image can reduce the amount of light coming through the fibres.   By removing these lenses we ensure the brightest image on a video screen without having to amplify the signal which can cause distortion.
There are also no illumination fibres inside the endoscope as they are not needed for surveillance operations.  This means that more space is created for the imaging system and has enabled the CSE to use strong polymer coated tubing.  This creates a superior flexible section that can withstand the handling and wear associated with demanding security applications.  The CSE micro fibre-scope is available in a 0° forward viewing direction, and now in a special 65° side viewing direction which enables complete room coverage through a 1mm pinhole.  For a full kit solution, see our FOX3 and FOX5 covert fibre-scope kits.


  • Surveillance optimised – Focus range from 5mm to infinity
  • 0° and 65° viewing directions
  • Bright - Internal optics maximise light transfer
  • Tough – Polymer braid flexible section
  • Discreet – simple, small, all black design
  • Compatible – works with all video cameras via a standard C-Mount adapter

Technical Specifications

Diameter 1.0mm   *Other diameter available on request
Length 600mm  *Other lengths available on request
Viewing Direction 0°, 65°
Field of View 60°
Depth of Field 5mm – infinity
Eyepiece Diameter 31.75mm
Light Input Connector No illumination
Image Fibres 17,000
Flexible Section Material Black braided polymer
Head Section Material Aluminium - Black powdercoat paint finish