Articulated-Steerable Fibrescopes


Flexible articulated fibrescopes are versatile, tough instruments often used for inspections through small gaps in floors,walls etc, and for baggage and vehicle search.  A quartz image fibre system is covered with several layers of armour and a tungsten braid outer covering.  2 or 4 way tip control is adjusted with a lever on the main section.  The eyepiece has adjustable focus and can be used with any C-mount endoscope camera for recording video footage.   Each fibrescope comes with an integrated glass fibre light guide and can be used with different types of light source. As a fully up to date alternative to traditional fibrescopes, consider the rV360 video-scope or BW360 video-scope.


  • Articulated tip
  • Tough tungsten braid covering
  • Focusing eyepiece
  • Supplied in fitted case
  • Compatible with any endoscope camera and light source

Technical Specifications

Diameter 4, 6 or 8mm
Length 1 metre - 3 metres+
Viewing Direction 0° with possible 90° attachment
Field of View 80°
Depth of Field 5mm - infinity
Eyepiece Diameter 31.75mm industry standard
Light Input Connector IT / ACM male
Resolution 10,000 pixels
Tip Articulation 4-way
Image Fibres Quartz Fibre
Flexible Section Material Tungsten braid outer covering
Head Section Material Aluminium