Fibrescope - Flex n Stay


The FSE-660 is a high quality fibre-scope with internal illumination and a positionable flexible insertion tube.  A high resolution 17,000 fibre image system is used.

The image quality is the same as our articulated fibre-scopes but the cost is far less because the instrument is positionable rather than with a controllable tip.  The FSE-660 is supplied with an LED torch light source that can be fastened to the industry standard light guide input. Other types of light guide and light source can be used.

Cameras can be attached to the 31.75mm industry standard sized eyepiece using a C Mount lens video adapter or a digital camera adapter.



  • Durable – tough polymer outer covering
  • Versatile – flexible section can be shaped to direct to viewing area
  • Adaptable – can be used with cameras and alternative light sources
  • 17,000 pixel image system

Technical Specifications

Diameter 6.0mm
Length 600mm, 1000mm+
Viewing Direction
Field of View 70°
Depth of Field 5mm – infinity
Eyepiece Diameter 31.75mm
Light Input Connector ACM/WOLF/STORTZ
Flexible Section Material Black polymer covered flex n stay steel
Head Section Material Aluminium - Black powdercoat paint finish