Fibrescopes - Non Conductive


The RNC3/4.5/6 Non-conductive or 'spark-proof' fibrescopes are versatile inspection tools suitable for hazardous applications.  Such environments may be inside petrol tanks, or inside walls where live mains terminals are present.  No metal parts are used in the flexible insertion tube.

The 2 or 4 way articulated tip is operated by an ergonomic lever on the head section of the fibrescope, lockable in any desired position. A 10,000 pixel quartz fibre image system is used. The objective lens is 0° forward viewing with a 50° angle of view and a focussing range of 10mm - infinity.  The instruments are compatible with all light sources.  Displayed opposite is the 6.0mm diameter version with an RVA47Q LED light source, good for close proximity inspection - behind plug sockets for example.  For petrol tank inspection one of our more powerful light sources would be required.

Available diameters are 3.0mm, 4.5mm and 6.0mm. Standard lengths are 500, 1000 and 1500mm. Special long length versions are available.  As a fully up to date alternative to traditional fibrescopes, consider the rV360 video-scope or BW360 videoscope.




  • Tough polymer covering
  • 10,000 pixel quartz fibre image system
  • 2 way lockable tip (3.0 and 4.5mm diameters)  4 way for 6.0mm diameter
  • Supplied in fitted case
  • Focussing range 10mm - Infinity
  • Available with or without integrated light guide cable
  • Non-Conductive. Suitable for petrol tank inspection and where live mains terminals are present

Technical Specifications

Diameter 3.0mm,4.5mm,6.0m,8.0mm
Length 0.5 - 3M+
Viewing Direction
Field of View 70°
Depth of Field 5mm - Infinity
Eyepiece Diameter 31.75mm
Light Input Connector ACM/WOLF/STORTZ
Ingress Protection Water and oil proof flexible section
Camera Fitting Via eyepiece with separate adapter
Tip Articulation 2 way for 3/4.5mm diameter. 4 way for 6mm diamter
Image Fibres 17,000
Flexible Section Material Armoured vertebrae core. Polymer covered steel braid outer covering.