Infra Red Under Door Illuminator


The UDT 940 is to our knowledge the worlds only fibre optic Infra red, hand held illuminator for under door use. Running from just 2 x AA batteries and with no cables or heavy external battery packs, the lightweight unit can be fastened to a belt.

The UDT is a circular arrangement of optical lighting fibres that forms into a 120mm wide line. The slim 4mm specially designed curved plate is inserted under a door. The weight of the torch and the main body naturally angles the light output ~45° into the space beyond the door. This crucial design feature helps to overcome light loss into the floor surface and directs the light to approximately the same angle as an under door camera's view.

Aside from association with under door cameras, the UDT 940 is also effective for random checks of rooms that already have covert B&W cameras installed but which do not have infra red for viewing in pitch black. The UDT is constructed from solid laser cut and CNC machined aluminium with a tough black powder coated paint finish.

The IR LED also has adjustable output power and a discrete 'ON' indicator on the torch handle.



  • 940nm wavelength for discrete inspections
  • Slim 4mm specially designed curved insertion plate
  • One-piece, compact and lightweight design
  • Runs from just 2 x AA batteries
  • Adjustable light output
  • Discrete 'On' indicator on torch handle

Technical Specifications

Weight ~500grams
Lamp Type LED
Wavelength 940nm
Battery Type 2 x AA Alkaline or NMH re-chargeable cells
Thickness 4mm (insertion plate)
Width 120mm