USB Low Light B&W Monochrome C-Mount Endoscope Camera


The FS3 is our most advanced low light endoscope camera. The sensor is a Sony IMX265 and utilises Sony’s Pregius global shutter CMOS technology meaning crisp, clear distortion free images at high speeds. The lens interface is ‘C-mount’ and fitted with our 35mm endoscope coupler.   Resolution is up to a huge 2048 x 1536 pixels at 55frames per second. This specification far out-performs requirements for use with 1mm fibre-scopes and provides confidence that the very best image possible can be obtained through the fibre.  A full range of on-screen controlled camera settings are available such as Gain, Gamma, Exposure, Brightness, Sharpness and frame rate.   All this enables a useable fibre-scope video image in low light conditions without graininess and with full speed motion (no ‘stepped’ video delay with fibre-scope movement).

The FS3, with the GetacT800 is probably the highest specification viewing combination that can be used with surveillance fibre-scopes.

The camera can be used with any of our surveillance endoscopes.


  • USB 3.0
  • The most sensitive USB endoscope camera available
  • Quick-fit 35mm C-Mount endoscope adaptor
  • Full range of features using included software

Technical Specifications

Eyepiece Diameter For industry standard 31.75mm endoscope eyepieces
Frame Rate Up to 55fps
Image Sensor   Sensor 1/1.8” CMOS Sony IMX 265      
Resolution Resolution 2048 x 1536. 3.2 MP
Lens C/CS mount
Endoscope coupler 35mm adjustable focus
Power Input/interface USB 3.0
Operating Temperature 0-45°, Storage -30-+60°
Dimensions 44 x 35 x 19mm
Software Supplied with FlyCap2 software disc