Telescopic Pole Camera 940nm Covert Infra Red



The RPC.940 Is a telescopic pole camera for security or industrial use. In light conditions a colour video image is displayed on a 5.6” monitor and in darkness the camera automatically switches to black and white. Illumination is provided by 21 infra red LEDs, operating at a wavelength of 940nm, which is completely invisible to the naked eye. 

The adjustable camera head enables 180° viewing.   The monitor unit has SD card video recording, video out, a neck strap and a high quality protective case. The standard pole length is 2.3 metres when fully extended, with a collapsed length of 1.2 metres, however longer or custom lengths are available on request.


*Assembled in Britain


  • 2.3 Metre Pole Length
  • Tough Construction
  • 940nm 'no glow' LEDs
  • Simple SD card recording
  • Economically Priced
  • Custom pole lengths on request

Technical Specifications

Length 2.3 metres extended, 1.2 meters collapsed
Viewing Direction Adjustable Head
Depth of Field ~100mm - infinity
Screen Size 5.6"
Recording Format H.264
Video Format PAL
Image Sensor Black and white CCD
Resolution 700 TV Lines
Power Connector DC 2.1mm
Recording Media SD Card
Power Input 12VDC (regulated)
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Ingress Protection Waterproof camera head
White Balance AUTO
Operating Time ~4 hours
Recording Rate Up to 30 fps