Field-Flow Compact battery powered peristaltic pump



The Field-Flow Compact is a self contained portable peristaltic pump. Suited for low flow ground water sampling in inaccessible areas, the field flow compact can be an advantage where mains power or a vehicle (battery) are unavailable.

The unit has been designed to be very compact and highly portable, as well as extremely easy to use. 

Despite the Field-Flow compact's small size the pump can pull water from a depth of 8+ metres, at up to 500ml per minute.  The highest quality Watson-Marlow 102R pumphead allows the use of many different types and sizes of tubing for different applications. After simple loading of the tube the protective door is closed and the pump is ready to start.

The unit is splash-proof and the charging socket at the rear has a protective cap to prevent ingress while the pump is in use.  Charging is achieved in around one hour via the supplied fast charger, which also comes with world mains plug adaptors. 

The Field-Flow Compact is a high quality, reliable pump with applications in:

Environmental Monitoring


Expeditions and other field work




  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Adjustable speed ~10-285rpm
  • Internal battery life ~5 hours at full speed
  • Fast charge time ~1 hour
  • Can draw water from 8+ metres (24ft) depth
  • Suitable for use with many tubing types, with bore diameters from 0.5mm - 4.8mm
  • Adjustable flow rate from 1-500ml per minute.  *Dependent on tubing size and material selected.
  • Ideal for ground water sampling in inaccessible areas



Technical Specifications

Weight 2.5Kgs
Dimensions 24 x 16 x 11cms
Power Output 3W
Battery Type Nickel Metal Hydride (NMH) 3300mAhr
Operating Time 5 hours (On load pumping water @500ml p/m)
Voltage 12VDC
Power Supply Internal Battery* *Custom external power version available