B&W IR Articulated Video Endoscope system



The BW360 is a flexible video-scope system suitable for tactical surveillance in low light conditions, as well as discrete inspection of small areas.   A high-quality Sony monochrome CCD sensor is built into the tip of an 8mm diameter armoured flexible probe with 4-way 360° articulation control.   The camera has a 0° forward viewing lens with a 70° field of view. For small area inspection such as small cavities, an IR940nm light source provides light that is invisible to the naked eye, but can be seen by the video-scope. This reduces risk of being identified, especially if the light source is left switched on when viewing into a room.   The image is viewed on the DS100 video monitor, which also powers the video-scope.  Still images and video are captured and reviewed on the monitor, while being saved also to an SD memory card. The video monitor is water resistant with a wipe clean operating panel.  The system will run for over 5 hours from fully charged 


  • Superb low light sensitivity
  • 4-way articulation control
  • Tungsten braid armoured flexible probe
  • IR 940nm LED light source
  • DS100 DVR monitor, captures JPEG stills and MPEG video
  • 5 hours continuous

Technical Specifications

Diameter 8.0mm
Length 1000mm
Viewing Direction
Field of View 70°
Depth of Field ~6cm - infinity
Screen Size 5.0"
Recording Format H.264
Video Format PAL
Image Sensor 1/4" Sony Super HAD CCD
Resolution 400 TV Lines
Sensitivity 0.005 Lux
Power Connector 4 pin circular(power & video)
Recording Media SD Card
Power Output 12VDV (500mA)
Power Input 12VDC (regulated)
Current Consumption 160mA
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Gain Control ON/OFF
White Balance AUTO
Recording Rate Up to 30 fps